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We are the owners of a 50 ft sailing trimaran, which needed to be deivered from the Bay of Islands to Auckland, New Zealand.

Yacht Delivery, Mat Colicot was recommended to us by someone whom we trusted.

Mat and his first mate did an impeccable job, they sailed the boat in good time and cleaned her while waiting to enter Auckland marina. He offered a very relaxed, friendly service yet very professional. His knowledge of boats and sailing is very impressive. It was the first time we allowed someone else to sail our boat and we felt very safe to let our boat be delivered by Mat.

We surely recommend him for any work concerning boats and we will certainly ask him again to deliver our boat if necessary.

Marie Helene

Faced with the problem of purcahsing my new toy, a 12m Motor sailor, in Opua, BOI and living in Wellington, I turned to the service directory adds in the Trade a Boat and found Yacht Delievery NZ Ltd. After talking to Mat I felt comfortable that they could do the job, I could be part of the crew, inspite of my very limited sailing experience and the price was going to be far better than trucking it, my only viable alternative.

We set off Saturday morning after being picked up from the airport in Aucks and being driven up to Opua by a friend of the YDNZ crew, Rod and the skipper Paul Debenham. Lovely calm sunny day. Four days and fifteen hours later we docked at Evan’s Bay, Wellington. In between what happened. Well pretty much most things really. Calm motoring, gear breakdowns, gale off the Castlepoint coast, caught a Tuna, and the engine decided to play hard to get for quite some time on about day three. Through all this the YDNZ team was awesome. Calm, methodical and nothing was too much problem even though the taste of diesel when siphoning is an unwelcome surprise. What I learned was invaluable and it was a great shake down of the boat finding those things that really don’t work on a coastal sail and having the knowledge on the boat to sort them out.

A great adventure, a great crew and a company fulfilling on its promise.

Shane Hegan.

You did a great job for us. Contact on the mobile is fantastic and critical as when your boat is out on the water and your not on board it is apprehensive times to say the least. I was really pleased with the way you left the boat at the end, it's hard work at the end of a journey to make sure things are tidy but it really makes a big difference. Mat if someone is a bit nervous about using your service feel free to give them my contact details and I will give them a reference

Philip Nevell

Thank you for delivering Harlequin safe and sound. We were totally relaxed with you sailing her down the coast.


"CATCHUP" 26ft Ron Given Echo catamaran

Mat Collicott of Yacht Delivery NZ did a marvellous job of sailing from Opua, Bay of Islands - Akaroa, Banks Peninsula. Thanks Mat for an excelent sailing job, well done.

Bernie Reid

Coromandel to Wellington

I had Mat sail my 30ft vessel to Coromandel from Wellington and accompanied him for half the journey to get some more sea experience.

His ability to handle the boat and navigate the coastline was obviously that of a professional sailor.I would personally recommend him to sail my boat anytime anywhere. It is a 24hr commitment and he is up to the task.

Keith Cranston

Yacht Delivery of vessel "Kwan Yin", Opua to Nelson. 17.02.03 - 36ft Pilot House Ketch

Having purchased "Kwan Yin" in Whitianga, we needed crew with more experience to bring her home to Nelson fro Opua. We had home base contact Yacht Delivery New Zealand - the only yacht delivery organisation to have a website. We were impressed to be informed Mat Collicot would be with us by 17:30 the next day and willing to sail as soon as he was satisfied with the vessel.

One of Mat's most impressive characteristics is his ability to adapt to new circumstances at a moment's notice with no fuss whatsoever - an example of which was that by noon of his arrival day (Saturday) we realised the steering would not be sorted until sometime on Monday. I phoned Mat who was just about to leave for Opua, informing him that Monday suited us better - his main reaction was "That's ok, I'll be able to get cheaper flights which will reduce your delivery charge".

The trip over the top and down the West Coast proved for the main part uneventful, light airs and motoring all the time. It was not until just south of the Taranaki oil rigs that we set some sail and shortly thereafter became aware of an unexpected front coming up from the south. Gale warnings for Cook and Stephens. Mat now proved his worth - I have no idea how we would have fared without Mat in relatively heavy and confused seas in an unfamiliar boat but his confidence, obvious ability and preparedness to take the helm all night if necessary inspired confidence to enjoy the experience.

Conditions settled a bit by 23:15 and we relieved Mat for a couple of hours then slept while he took us to Port Nelson leading lights.

Mat is half my age, has quiet yet cheerful sense of humour, confident, a very pleasant shipmate who is aware that just because you own a yacht you don't have unlimited funds.

I would recommend him unconditionally for yacht delivery and would certainly seek his services again should the need srise.

Mark Rendle

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