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Logs and History

RE: delivery voyage of "Weypago", early September 2002, from Tauranga to Lyttleton.

This was a difficult voyage mainly because a piece of well concealed rot in the rudder stock chose to give way in the area of the tiller socket making steering all but impossible. This incident occurred in the vicinity of the East Cape and necessitated a detour to Gisborn for repairs. The delay caused, some 48 hrs, meant the rest of the voyage was in less than ideal conditions with much heavy weather from the Northwest. Heavy weather will expose any weaknesses in a vessel and Weypago was no exception.

Three events occurred, the causes of which are now known, which could have had more serious consequences were it not for the prompt action of Mat Collicott and his crew. 1) The mainsail suffered minor damage in heavy weather off Cook strait. Prompt handling of the sail prevented significant damage and repair cost was minimal. 2) Genoa blew out in a squall in Pegasus bay. Failure of this near new sail was caused by a manufacturing defect, a "hook" in the leech. The sail was well secured and again damage kept to a minimum. 3) Complete electrical system failure was caused by a manufacturing defect, an unconnected live cable concealed under the freezer condenser. With water from the heavy weather the cable developed a slow short which drained the battery without blowing the fuse.

In spite of a difficult and tiring voyage, Mat and his crew, on arriving in Lyttleton, presented the vessel in tidy order and couldn't do enough to help get damaged items ashore for repair and generally get the boat organized to go on her mooring. Mat also provided a detailed verbal report on events during the voyage which was most helpful.

Whilst I would have preferred a problem free delivery, (we do live in the roaring forties) I felt that Mat provided a professional service and I was most impressed with his efforts to minimize any damage and keep unexpected costs to the minimum. I really did feel that he had the owner's best interests foremost in his mind.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Mat as a capable and professional skipper and would use his services again should the need arise.
Mike Holibar

Our Mission

YDNZ was set up to provide new and current boat owners a peace of mind delivery service at a reasonable price.

As you will know, the NZ coast boasts one of the globes most treacherous pieces of water (at times).

The coast is not the place to learn a vessel and professional assistance by a seasoned coastal sailor is a primary need. The coast will expose weaknesses in any vessel and YDNZ skippers are experienced and provisioned to deal with any problems which may arise.

YDNZ has access to the most accurate coastal weather predictions and all passage plans are centered around this information.

All navigation and safety equipment is top of the line and at all times the crew and vessels' safety is our No.1 priority.

About Us

As the owner and most frequently sailing skipper of YDNZ, I have been heavily involved in the NZ commercial sailing, fishing, diving and charter industries for 7 years.

Between all these different ventures I delivered small yachts in the North Island, which I thoroughly enjoyed as every day presents a new challenge, whereas the charter industry can be great fun but fairly routine.

I have personally as captain logged over 50 000NM around NZ and throughout the worlds oceans.

I understand that being a boat owner and placing your pride and joy into someone else's hands can be slightly worrying. We have systems in place to keep owners ashore updated in their vessels progress. By the time the voyage is complete, I often also have a list of possible changes to the vessel to aid new owners with avoiding having to find out for themselves all the nasty, awkward design faults that could easily be improved, and make future sailings unhindered by small problems.

Mat Collicot
Director of Sailing

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